Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New business offers classic arcade games sales and rental

With titles ranging from Paper Boy to Space Harrier to Super Mario Bros., all fans of '80s arcade games will have a place to play.

Updated: 09.23.09
When Totally Amused Classic Arcade opens its doors on October 5, a world of childhood memories will reopen to the over 30 crowd that grew up on video games of the ‘80s.

Located at 19333 I 59 South in Humble, the business has over 100 classic arcade games and pinball machines for sale and event rentals.

It will also be open the second and third weekend of every month on Saturday and Sunday where people can play all day for a $15 fee and kids up to the age of 12 can play free.

“I played all of these games as a kid and always wanted to own my own arcade,” said co-owner Brian Steinberg, of Spring. “The thing that sparked the business is that people come over my partner’s place or mine and they want to play the games all day. They can’t believe they still exist because they haven’t seen them in so many years. It’s fun to help people get that experience.”

Steinberg and co-owner Callen Hendrix, an arcade game technician from Humble, has been planning on opening Totally Amused Classic Arcade since May, but Steinberg had the idea for the last 25 years.

Hendrix had about 20 machines stored at the location with some at restaurants and bars, and almost all the rest were at Steinberg’s house.

“About four years ago, my wife got me a ‘Punch Out’ game and she wanted ‘Centipede.’ Then it became kind of an addiction,” Steinberg explained. “You just start buying them. You remember this game and that game and you got to have them all.”

Working in advertising, Steinberg said he would love to turn the business into a full time job.

“Starting small, the goal isn’t so much about selling the games but to allow people to come in and play games from years ago,” Steinberg said. “It’s fun to see their childhood memories come poring back to them within five minutes of walking through the door.”



xgametop said...

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MadPlanet said...

What the? How did I not already hear about this? Now I can hit Joystix downtown on Fridays at the beginning and end of the month and Totally Amused can cover the middle. Thanks for posting this!